Wrapping up Awana Books:
We have a plan on how to help the clubbers finish up their books for this year. The directors have discussed the use of Skype or Facetime on a one on one basis for listening to verses and checking that book written work is done. If video chatting does not work for some individuals, we will just do it over regular phone calls and maybe emailing pictures of the written work.
A director or leader will be in contact with each individual about finishing up their book. We will plan an awards night when we are able to, or we may start off the fall with awards.           
Westlock Gospel Chapel has an awesome place for kids to connect with their peers, hear the gospel and have fun. It is AWANA Clubs! It all happens on Thursday nights from 6-8pm.
There are clubs for children from Kindergarten up to grade 12. A typical night includes opening ceremonies, small group/book time with their leader, group games and counsel time for each club.
God is changing the world through the ministry of Awana Canada by equipping leaders to reach kids with the gospel and engaging them in long-term discipleship.
(You can fill out the registration form and bring with you or email to

Sparks – K – Grade 2



Truth & Training Boys & Girls – Grades 3 – 6



Trek – Grades 7 & 8



Journey – Grades 9 – 12